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Rescuers urge citizens to follow safety rules at home

Published: 21.10.2020, 12:11
Unfortunately, fires in the home are not uncommon. Through their own negligence and disregard for basic fire regulations, citizens endanger their own lives and health, as well as their homes and property. The worst thing is that due to the irresponsibility of one person, others may suffer - family members, neighbors or cohabitants of an apartment building. This problem becomes especially relevant in the autumn-winter period, when citizens use stove heating, fireplaces and electrical appliances to heat their homes.
Only in recent days has the Rescue Service received a number of reports of fires in the residential sector, often caused by violations of fire safety rules and, in particular, the improper operation of heating equipment. Often the consequences of such activities are quite tragic.
For example, on October 20 in the Vinnytsia oblast in the village Chernyavka of Orativ district ina private house was fire. Rescuers arrived at the scene immediately. During the fire in one of the rooms of the apartment, the SES fighters found a 60-year-old owner of the house without signs of life. The fire destroyed the slate floor of the building with an area of 70 square meters and household items. Probable cause of ignition - violation of fire safety rules during operation of furnace heating.
On the same day, the Rescue Service "101" received a report of a fire in a private house in the city of Verkhivtseve, Verkhnodniprovsky district, Dnipropetrovsk oblast. Upon arrival, firefighters found that the flames had completely engulfed the house. The fire destroyed the structures of the house and the property inside on the area of 100 sq.m. The body of the owner of the house, a woman born in 1947, was found inside the house during the extinguishing of the fire.
On October 20, a fire broke out on the ground floor of a four-apartment two-story apartment building in Lviv. Firefighters immediately went to the scene. Arriving at the scene of the call, rescuers saw that thick black smoke billowed from the windows of the house. On the second floor, a woman was found on the balcony, unable to leave the smoky apartment. It was also reported that the owner of the apartment, a man born in 1951, may be in the apartment where the fire broke out. With the help of rescue devices, firefighters took the man and woman out into the fresh air and handed them over to medics. A man diagnosed with combustion products poisoning in a serious condition was hospitalized by doctors at the Lviv Regional Clinical Hospital. The fire destroyed household items in an apartment on the ground floor on an area of 10 sq.m.
And in the Zhytomyr oblast during the day on October 19 rescuers of the region eliminated three fires in private homes of citizens. Two of them are in Korosten and Korosten district. There, fires broke out in the attics of residential buildings around the chimneys. In both cases, rescuers prevented the flames from spreading to homes. Another fire in a private house broke out on October 20 in the village of Kamyany Brid, Baranivskyi district. It took rescuers a little over two hours to eliminate it. The preliminary cause of fires in all cases - violation of fire safety rules during installation and operation of furnace heating.

Given these statistics, emergency workers are taking preventive measures in the housing sector, as this is an important and necessary step in combating fires in the home.

Thus, on October 20, rescuers from Chernivtsi raided the residential sector of the regional center. Firefighters told local residents why it is important to protect your home from fires, and what rules should be followed to prevent fires. Emergency workers taught citizens how to safely use electrical and gas appliances in the house, urged to be careful when handling open flames. Firefighters presented their interlocutors with instructions on these safety rules, which should never be ignored.

In the Donetsk oblast on October 20, Lyman rescuers carried out a preventive measure in the residential district "North" of the city of Lyman. During the conversation with the locals, the Rescue Service first of all paid attention to the observance of safety rules when using electrical and gas appliances. In particular, rescuers advised citizens to avoid overloading the grid and not to use homemade or faulty household electric heaters. You should only buy certified products and strictly follow the rules of their operation. In addition, the issues of safe handling of open fire were discussed during the talks.

To prevent fires in the home, on October 20, specialists of the State Emergency Service in Volyn oblast conducted preventive fire drills in the residential sector of the village of Holovne, Lyuboml district. Rescuers paid special attention to compliance with fire safety rules in the autumn-winter period, namely reminded of the safety requirements during the operation of electric heaters and furnace heating in low temperatures. In addition, they spoke about the priority actions in case of fire and other emergencies, as well as stressed the safety of children.

Dear citizens! To avoid the tragedy caused by a fire in the house, be extremely careful, take care of the proper fire condition of your own home, namely:

In the event of a fire or emergency, call the Rescue Service immediately at 101!

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