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The SES of Ukraine discussed the preparedness of the Service to counteract the threats of the autumn-winter period

Published: 20.10.2020, 16:42
On October 20, a meeting of the SES Board, chaired by the Head of the SES of Ukraine Mykola Chechotkin and with  participation of representatives of territorial bodies and subordinate units of the SES of Ukraine, research institutions and management organizations was held by video conference within the State Emergency Service of Ukraine.
During the meeting, Oleh Melchutskyi, the First Deputy Head of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, reported on the challenges faced by the Rescue Service this year. He paid special attention to the causes and consequences of large-scale forest fires that have recently raged in Luhansk region. Climate change and global warming will contribute to similar fires in the future, that requires the readiness of the SES to be prepared for possible threats - said the First Deputy Head.

At the same time, Mykola Chechotkin stressed that local authorities and territorial subdivisions should ensure the implementation of fire-fighting measures in settlements,in particular, located near forests.

The Head of the State Emergency Service also focused on another important issue that is now in place, namely - countering the threats of the autumn-winter period.
Volodymyr Demchuk, Director of the Emergency Response Department, reported on the readiness of the SES forces to carry out their assigned tasks in the autumn-winter period. According to him, despite the forecast of the Hydrometeorological Center for a warm winter with short-term severe cold snaps and snowfalls, there is a high probability of 3 to 5 significant  weather complications, associated with the passage of cyclones through the terrytory of Ukraine. Thus, in most regions, transport, energy and communal infrastructure are at risk, as a result of which violations of: road, rail and air transport traffic are possible; connections with settlements; sustainable operation of life support systems.
In view of this, it is important to respond to the Hydrometeorological Center's warnings about the complication of weather conditions in advance; to set up headquarters and organize the work of operational groups in a timely manner; to take care of interregional and interdistrict cooperation; to involve a sufficient number of fmeans and forces to respond and minimize threats on initial stage etc.

Volodymyr Demchuk assured that according to the data, received from the territorial bodies and formations of the central subordination, the forces and means of the SES are ready to perform the assigned tasks in the autumn-winter period.
Summing up, the Head of the SES Mykola Chechotkin noted that preparation for the autumn-winter period is one of the priorities of the SES in the near future, along with such as emergency response, including in the area of Joint Force Operation, coronavirus infection, polling stations inspectionins for compliance with fire and technogenic safety, etc.

The total number of inter-agency group for counteracting winter threats is more than 50,000 persons and 17,000 vehicles from the SES, the National Guard, the National Police, the Ministry of Energy, Ukravtodor and  public utilities.

More than 11,000 personnel and 1,000 vehicles from the SES are included in the group, in particular:

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