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Dnipro City: a working meeting took place with the representatives of the Republic of Estonia

Published: 06.08.2020, 17:44

August 6, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Estonia to Ukraine Mr. Kaimo Kuusk and the First Secretary of the Embassy for Economic Affairs and Development Cooperation Mr. Risto Roos visited the Main Department of the SES of Ukraine in Dnipropetrovsk oblast. The working meeting with the leadership of the Main Department concerned the creation and launching of the 112 System in the region, the prospects for the development of the volunteer movement in the field of fire and rescue and the creation of a security center in the village of Taromske.

The aim of the meeting was to discuss the creation of volunteer teams in the selected community on the principle of voluntary formations of Estonia. The security experts of the Republic of Estonia can be proud of the successful reforms. In 10 years, they have managed to overcome the path of change and implement the 112 Emergency Call System, which works for citizens using modern information technologies. The most important criteria for assessing the effectiveness of employees are public confidence, quality service and security of the country.

At the moment, the rescue services of Ukraine work at different phone numbers, and as practice shows in our country, a person, who is under emotional stress, confuses the numbers and can’t quickly navigate. It is this factor that has an effect on the speed of receiving messages and processing information in order to quick response.

Dnipropetrovsk oblast has become one of the pilot regions for the implementation of 112 System. These intentions were declared last year by the regional leadership, the representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and the SES of Ukraine. Today, these intensions were reaffirmed during a meeting of the Estonian delegation with the Deputy Head of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration Iryna Hrytsai and the Head of the Regional Rescue Service Andrii Kulbach.

The second important issue on the agenda is the development of the voluntary movement in the civil protection system. The united communities and rescuers of Dnipropetrovsk region have a request to study the legal framework of Estonia and develop an effective model for attracting and supporting volunteer teams, as well as the legislative regulation of the 112 System in the country.

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