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Chernivtsi: the course of the project of international cooperation with Romania was discussed

Published: 03.08.2020, 10:56

The Main Department of SES of Ukraine in Chernivtsi oblast continues to participate in the project "Improving the security of the population in the cross-border region by strengthening joint activities for training and cooperation in emergency management - BRIDGE" under the cross-border program "Romania-Ukraine 2014-2020". This project is coordinated by the Romanian General Inspectorate for Emergencies.

On July 31, The Main Department of the SES of Ukraine in Chernivtsi oblast hosted a press conference of the management of the Department and specialists in international cooperation of the SES for media representatives. Deputy Head of the Deaprtment of  the SES Andriy Andronyak acquainted the participants with the project implementation, noted its purpose - to increase public safety by strengthening the level of training and modernization of emergency services, timely informing the population and local governments in the border area of Ukraine and Romania. Andriy Andronyak pointed out that within the framework of the project, the Department of the State Emergency Service plans to modernize the operational coordination center and the regional computer network of the Department in the region with the installation of the latest telecommunications equipment. The project activities, which are currently being implemented, were also reported. In particular, they talked about the activities of the working group, development of terms of reference and announcement of tenders for the purchase of television and audiovisual equipment with installation in the existing IT network, purchase of video surveillance system, installation of a communication network.

During the press conference, journalists received answers to their questions about the project, and representatives of the Department of th SES as its participants explained that the successful implementation of project activities will expand the experience gained in partner countries and expand opportunities for such technologies to prevent and minimize consequences of emergencies.



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