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Rescuers remind citizens of the rules of safe stay in natural ecosystems

Published: 13.05.2020, 13:12

Considering the number of fires in open areas and in ecosystems, of which there have already been more than 30,000 cases since the beginning of the year, rescuers have begun to patrol forests actively. The Rescue Service also carries out informational and explanatory work among the population about the causes and consequences of fires, which annually destroy hundreds of hectares of green territory of Ukraine.

So, in order to control monitor compliance with fire safety requirements by forest users, citizens and enterprises, rescuers patrol the most fire-hazardous forests in the Kirovohrad region. In particular, on May 11, control patrols of forest zones were carried out in Ustynivsk, Novoukrainsk, Novhorodkivsk, Svitlovodsk, Kompaniyivsk, Mala Vyska, Znamyanska and Haivoron districts. Such measures will continue throughout the fire-hazardous period.

Rescuers from Zhytomyr region together with foresters and police, also conduct raid inspections in forests and in the most visited recreation areas in the region. They patrol parks, water bodies, recreational areas and forests to prevent a recurrence of large-scale fires in ecosystems that have raged in the north of the Zhytomyr region since April.

On May 12, representatives of the 11th State Fire and Rescue Unit of the Main Department of the State Emergency Service in Donetsk Oblast patrolled forests and water bodies in Volnovakha. Rescuers urged citizens to be careful in handling with the fire and to follow the rules of behavior during outdoor recreation.

Similar activities were held in Shepetivka by rescuers from Khmelnytsky region. Citizens were reminded of fire safety rules during visiting forests and when managing their own backyards, in particular, they noted the danger of burning garbage and plant debris.

Such work is carried out even during restrictive quarantine measures, as the fire-hazardous period in Ukraine is gaining momentum and creates preconditions for increasing the number of fires in ecosystems.

Therefore, the Rescue Service urges citizens to strictly follow the rules of fire safety and not to provoke fires in natural ecosystems!

First of all, do not light an open fire near the forest area, in the fields, and do not leave cigarette butts and matches on a dry grass cover.

It is strictly forbidden to burn garbage and plant debris!

Remember that fires in ecosystems can also have serious consequences, such as the uncontrolled spread of fire to residential buildings and nearby buildings, the destruction of the fertile soil layer and the death of animals.

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