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Rescuers continue to disinfect facilities, roads and premises in settlements

Published: 13.05.2020, 13:16

Complex activities to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection Covid-19 in Ukraine are ongoing. In cooperation with local authorities, rescuers disinfect social facilities, sanitize sections of roads, sidewalks, etc.

Thus, on May 12, personnel of the Radiation and Chemical Protection detachment of the Emergency Rescue squad of the Department of the State Emergency Service in Volyn Oblast carried out disinfection of hostels and the surrounding area on Druzhby Narodiv Boulevard in Lutsk. In particular, two flanks of two 9-storey hostels were sanitized with special agents.

In Luhansk region, on May 12, 33 departures were made to disinfect sections of roads, public transport stops, etc. In particular, most of all the SES units were involved in the disinfection of territories in Lysychansk, Severodonetsk and Rubizhne towns.

In turn, on the day before the opening of the Khmelnytsky clothing market, rescuers carried out sanitation of areas near shopping kiosks. In total, about 2,000 square meters of market territory were sanitized.

In Kherson region, on May 11, rescuers carried out sanitation of 121 social facilities. These are areas near shops, medical institutions, pharmacies, administrative buildings, playgrounds, residential buildings, public transport stops. Sanitation of 8 km of roads is also provided.

In addition, it is mandatory to sanitize premises and fire depots, as well as to carry out daily temperature screening of personnel.

Dear citizens!

For your safety, as well as to prevent the spread of virus infections among the population, the Rescue Service urges you for strict adherence to quarantine and antivirus measures!

Consciously and responsibly listen to the warnings of emergency services and do not leave your place of residence without necessity!

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