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Latest information concerning wildfire extinguishing in the territory of Ukraine

Published: 06.05.2020, 08:53

Zhytomyr region:

Forest fires in Luhyny and Olevsk districts have been contained.

On May 5, a forest bed fire was extinguished in the territory of the Polissya Nature Reserve near the village of Rudnya-Perhanska of the Olevsk district.

As of 07.00hrs May 6, the SES units assisted forestry workers in extinguishing certain fires of forest grass, stumps, and wood.

A total of 94 people and 28 units of equipment were involved in extinguishing fires in the Zhytomyr region, including 54 personnel and 21 units of equipment from the SES.

Kyiv region:

Fires in the forests of the Exclusion Zone and unconditional (compulsory) resettlement have been contained.

As of 07.00hrs May 6, the forestry fire fighting forces of the Exclusion Zone continue to take measures to eliminate some smoldering fires.

53 people and 31 units of forestry equipment were involved in the extinguishing operation. Radiation levels in Kyiv city, Kyiv region and in the Exclusion Zone stay within natural background values.

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