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The SES of Ukraine informed about extinguishing of forest fires in the territory of Zhytomyr oblast and in the Exclusion Zone

Published: 24.04.2020, 13:05

During an online briefing on April 24, Director of Emergency Response Department of the SES of Ukraine Volodymyr Demchuk informed that a fire close to the village of Rozsokhy in Dytiatkivskyi forestry in Chornobyl vinivity has been contained in the morning.

The works in two sites close to the villages of Kryva Hora and Rudky – Buriakivka are ongoing where it is possible. During 24hrs, the fire hasn’t been spread outside the existing perimeter”, – the speaker said.

During 24hrs the engineer vehicles created about 100 km (860 km in total) of fire trails and roads. More than 1050 persons and 250 vehicles, including more than 1000 personnel and 240 vehicles (including 3 helicopters) from the SESU have been engaged to fire extinguishing in the Exclusion Zone”, – he added.

The situation in contained sites in Ovruch district of Zhytomyr oblast is under control. There is no open fire, the units continue to wet down of smoldering fires of forest floor, stumps and wood. More than 680 persons and 100 vehicles, including 80 personnel and 20 vehicles from the SESU have been engaged to the works.

However, a new forest fire took place in Poiaskivskyi forestry in Olevsk district yesterday in the afternoon, which due to strong gusts quickly spread to 200 ha and in separates sites went into the crown fire.

Due to the involvement of the aviation of the SESU a crown fire has been extinguished in a few hours, and the engagement of a sufficient number of fire units (100 persons and 30 vehicles) of the State Forest Resources Agency and the SESU allowed to stop its further spread, to protect the village Zamyslovychi and Polissia State Reserve from fire. There wasn’t open fire on these sites in the morning. The smoke contamination as a result of smoldering of wood is being observed. The measures are being taken to extinguish the fire. According to the results of aerial reconnaissance, the additional forces of the State Forest Resources Agency and the SESU will be involved if it is necessary”, – Volodymyr Demchuk said.

The deputy director of the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center Anatolii Prokopenko announced the current meteorological situation in the Exclusion Zone and in the north of Zhytomyr oblast.

The western wind is 1-2 m/s, the air temperature is 10-13 degrees, the transparency according to the weather stations “Chornobyl”, “Ovruch” and “Korosten” was 10-20 km. Сombustion products are moving in the eastern direction at speed up to 15 km/h”,  the speaker said.

Anatolii Prokopenko also informed about the state of atmospheric air pollution in Kyiv City.

OVR of critical acceptable concentration is being indicated by nitrogen dioxide, partly sulfur dioxide and formaldehyde. This concerning to the sites of accumulation of vehicles, in particular, because of road repairs. In general, the chemical composition of the air is typical for April”,  he said.

Regarding to radioactive contamination in Kyiv and Zhytomyr oblasts, it remains within the natural levels and, according to meteorological stations, it is 12–18 mr/hr”,  Anatolii Prokopenko said.

The deputy director of the Ukrhydrometcenter also told that significant rainfall will not be expected in Kyiv and Zhytomyr oblasts during April 24-25.

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