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The delegation of the Lviv State University of Life Safety is in the General Assembly of the EFSCA

Published: 22.05.2019, 18:17

On the basis of the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences, representatives of the Lviv State University of Life Safety took part in the Annual Conference and the General Assembly EFSCA (European Association of Fire Safety Institutions). The delegation of the educational structure, which included: First Vice-Rector Colonel of the Civil Protection Roman Ratushny, Lieutenant Colonel of Civil Protection Oleksandr Svyatkevich and Major of Civil Protection Oleksandr Lazarenko, were able to get acquainted with the latest fire safety techniques, and also participated in the final round-table meeting of all the delegates of the conference, which was held the other day in Tallinn (Republic of Estonia).

During the conference, problems in various models of training of volunteers of the fire service in Europe were addressed. Participation in the International Scientific Conference provides an opportunity to adopt best practices of European higher education institutions, to expand knowledge about the latest methods of the European education system for specialists of state and voluntary fire and rescue services, and also to establish cooperation with related educational institutions of the European Union.

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