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Working together for the safety of tourists. Rescuers of Ukraine and the Czech Republic establish rescue points

Published: 03.04.2019, 17:10
On April 3, visitors from Pardubice region,Czech Republic arrived to Zakarpattia Oblast: Zdenek Skarupa and Alesh Boyatovsky, to continue the initiative, started back in 2018, which consist in establishing rescue points in the Carpathians. Special knowledge pointers - rescue points, will help tourists quickly, and most importantly accurately determine their GPS coordinates, to transfer them to mountain rescuers in case of danger. Also, each signe contains information about emergency phones, the name of the location and the rescue point number. So, the tourist will only have to dial a phone number and to inform the rescuers of their location in the mountains.

And today, the first such rescue points was installed on the mountain Plishka, Uzhgorod district. This tourist route is quite popular, as in the winter season, as on its slopes there are good conditions for skiing, and in summer.
During the period from April to June this year, rescuers will install 150 such signes on all tourist routes of the Transcarpathian region. They were brought by Czech guests. In the future, all rescue points will be published on an interactive map.
In general, during the April-June of this year, 150 such plates will be installed by rescuers on all tourist routes of Zakarpattia Oblast. They were brought with them by Czech guests. In the future, all the rescue points will be made public on the interactive map.

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