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15 January12:10 Since the beginning of complicated weather conditions, the rescuers have been providing assistance to the citizens who have become hostages of the weather

Due to forecasted complication of weather conditions, the number of emergencies typical for this period has increased in some oblasts of Ukraine. So, from the beginning of bad weather the rescuers began to rescue vehicles from ditches and snow-covered sections of the roads.

14 January11:11 The officers of the Rescue Service provide the preventive measures near water sources

The water ponds become popular places for children and fishermen in winter and also serve as a natural crossing when heavy ice appears. In present time, there is unstable frosty weather in Ukraine, so the ice hasn’t gained the required thickness and it is dangerous to get on it. In order to prevent the occurrence of tragic situations in the water sources of Ukraine, the specialists of the Rescue Service provide preventive measures with the population on a daily basis, explaining the consequences of neglecting the security measures at ice.

14 January08:04 A meeting of the State Commission on Technogenic and Ecological Safety and Emergencies was held

On January 12, Mykola Chechotkin, Head of the State Emergency Service, took part in a regular conference of the State Commission on Technogenic and Ecological Safety and Emergencies, at which participants considered and approved the draft Action Plan of Central and Local Executive Bodies and Local Governments loods and floods in 2021.

14 January08:01 Violation of fire safety rules in the residential sector leads to deaths and injuries during fires!

The daily work of rescuers is primarily aimed at preventing the occurrence of various emergencies, in particular, by conducting outreach work among the population. Nevertheless, citizens are not always responsible for their own safety and the well-being of their families, which can have tragic consequences. In the past 24 hours alone, on January 12, there were 69 fires in the residential sector!

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